From music in the box to the best turntable to the digital music, music has been transformed into beautiful and diversified form of art. There are more and more new things about music with limitless creation of human. With the birth of electronic music, EDM has been taking the music industry and changing the listener’s behaviors.

“Electronic music has tremendous power, and it really becomes much more meaningful if you enjoy it in a big crowd” (Daft Punk’s Pyramid Show – 2007). Indeed, if you are a loyal follower of music, then it would not be better to be immerse in the midst of the explosive atmosphere at outdoor music festival. The perfect combination of subtle light, soaring music, passionate drumming by DJs and MCs, and the cheering crowds, may have become the hallmark of the music festivals. Let’s take a look at the biggest festivals that any fan would like to see.



Tomorrow land was voted the world’s No.1 music festival by the prestigious magazine DJ Mag. In spite of young age in comparison to other “big boys” (the festival first held in 2005), but with huge size and massive crowd, being in Tomorrowland is probably in the wish list of EDM lovers. Indeed, whether as a fan or not, wonderful performances, famous DJs in the line-up and the chances of meeting music lover around the world will make Tomorrowland is an unforgettable experience.

Originated with only one stage in Belgium in 2005, but with a fast-growing pace, there is no music festival could be compared to Tomorrowland so far. 2014 saw a record number of more than 400,000 people from all over the world coming to Belgium to enjoy themselves in this massive music party. Taking place in three consecutive days, with various themed stages as well as live broadcast on Internet, Tomorrowland has all the elements to please the fans and attract more and more people to participate in each year.

In addition to the original version in Belgium, Tomorrow World was born in 2013 under the demand of music lovers with the venue held in the United States. A year later, Tomorrow Land in Brazil was born to serve fans in this country. The festival has always attracted hundreds of thousands of people to attend and enjoy the top performances of many famous DJs such as Avicci, W&W, Steve Aoki, Martin Garri..Recently, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon has arrived in Tomorrowland to send a message of peace and unite to the younger generation of enthusiastic people.

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Electric Daisy Carnival

With the flagship symbol of a colorful giant owl, the EDC is a series of festivals organized by “electronic music mogul” Isomniac. Not long ago, EDC 2015 held in Las Vegas left a deep impression on viewers. Originating only as a party in a warehouse in Los Angeles, USA in 1992, EDC now extends and reaches out for the world. Not only with many venues in US cities, EDC also has other destinations in UK, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, this is one of the largest music festivals to be broadcasted live on the Internet for fans around the world who do not have the opportunity to attend the festival.

Performed for three days in a row, with various themed stages, along with many top artists from various electronic genres including House, Electro, Drum and Bass, Techno, Trap, Hardstyle or Trance, EDC is undeniably one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. In 2014, the festival had over 700,000 fans attended at the venues. With top name such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tieso, Dyro, Armin van Buuren, EDC always manages to maintain its top position in the most desired music festival around the year.

Ultra Music Festival (UMF)

Ultra Music Festival

UFM is the largest electronic music festival in the world. First held in Miami in 1999, the UFM reputation has spread to the world. From America, Brazil, Asia (Japan, South Korean, Thailand, Indonesia…) and even to Africa (South Africa), UFM always receives the enthusiastic support of many fans around the world.

Just like many big music festival, UFM is held in three days, including various stages with more than 165,000 attendees. UFM Miami this year is a combination of performances of big names like Jauz, MakJ, Oliver Heldens…alongside with the trendy names such as Skrillex, Armin van Burren…And the big plus point for UFM is the live broadcast on Youtube Channel for fans around the world to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival even they could not attend. With the fast growth through years, UFM is believed to expand more and more to many other countries.

Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo

Another fantastic music festival from United States. Although Electric Zoo is not as big as or has long history like 3 music festival above, the event never missed the top chart for festival music event. Founded in 2009, the first festival season attracted only 26,000 attendees, but after only two years, Electric Zoo has reinforced its position and quality when officially opened for over 85,000 fans during 3 consecutive days. Not only that, Electric Zoo also nominated for “Best Dance Event” by the International Dance Music Awards for four years in a row.

With a wide variety of DJs over the world with music from the mainstream to the underground, Electric Zoo always brings a unique experience to the attendees. Every year, this festival is held periodically on the weekend of Labor Day in New York City. Recently, the music festival has expanded its scale even further to Mexico and Japan. With interesting content and organization, Electric Zoo is expected to be one of the best music festivals for music lovers.



The highlight of this Dutch music festival is that it is held indoor. During the first five years (from 2000 to 2005), Sensation was held at the Amsterdam Arena Stadium. Until now, the festival has reached the international stage when the Sensation stage has appeared in many countries around the world such as Belgium, Canada, Britain, Italy, Russia, USA, Korea, South Africa, Thailand or Taiwan…

The second special feature of this festival cannot be missed is the two Sensation different themes. If the Sensation stage (formerly known as Sensation White) with the dominant white tone, Black (formerly Sensation Black) is wearing a black tone dark. These two color creates two different experience. If the White symbolizes clarity and freedom with mainstream music is Trance, Black stage had darker shades and cooler styles such as Hardstyle and Hardcore.

With a very unique idea and great artists, it is easy to understand when Sensation received the admiration of numerous fans around the world. In 2015, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival founding and development, Sensation held a great festival in its hometown: Sensation Amsterdam 2015 “The Legacy”, attracted more than 40,000 fans. The event was also streamed live through Bestport Live as a thank you for the support from fans. Although the festival only lasts within a day and held in the dome stadium, the attraction of Sensation is no less than an outdoor festival.



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