Britain as well as England is a famous place of creating the pop music. In this region, they have several talented singers such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John, George Michael, The Spice Girls, The Beatles, etc. If you want to enjoy these pop music songs and other types of music, why do not you plan a journey to Britain and attending to some great music festivals? On the other hand, you will join in some special workshops that developing your creating mind through making something new.

# 1 – Field Day

If the attendees are young and dynamic, they will fall in love with Field Day. The atmosphere of this music festival is very eventful. This music festival held in Victoria, London and the attendees come to it in the second week of June. The visitors are diverse but they are between twenties and thirties. There are many popular names you can find in this event such as James Blake, PJ Harvey, Mystery Jets, The Temper Trap, Roots Manuva. When you participate in this music festival, you do not only listen to the music, but also meet new friends in the party with food and beverage. Moreover, it takes two days of celebrating, so do not miss this event.

A background of Field Day in Britain

#2 – Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight is a British classic music and it held in the first week of June annually. When you participate this music festival, you will find some hottest names such as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Adam Lambert, and David Bowie. This music festival celebrates in Seaclose Park – a large parkland in the North East of New Port in the Isle of Wight. If you attend this music festival, you should travel to London firstly, and you takes another two hours to Isle of Wight.  On the other hand, you could enjoy the beautiful sightseeing in Seaclose Park.

Do you want to attend the Isle of Wight?

#3 – Download

If you like rock music, you could chose the Download. Because you will enjoy several rock music totally with talented rockers in this music festival. This music festival kick off the second week of June in Donington Park, Derby. And the deadline of booking ticket is November. Therefore, before booking tickets, you should check your schedule carefully. When joining in this music festival, you totally discover the live music stage of Britain. Moreover, the attendees could go camping with their family and friends. You will get an entire experience in this big event. On the other hand, you do not need to concern about the parking problem because they have already built the parking lot for attendees. In 2017, the organizer will open a shuttle bus for visitors to come.

A background of Download

#4 – British Summer Time

The first time you look this event, you will think British Summer Time is look like a relaxing conference. However, this music festival is a fancy event with some most popular singers such as Taylor Swift, The Who, Tom Jones and Black Sabbath. Because the organizer focus on the high – class or middle class about the whole thing. If you can buy VIP ticket, you will stand at the front. If you could not catch the VIP ticket, you have to stay behind the front. Therefore, if the visitors are afraid of getting dirty, they prefer joining in this music festival. In British Summer Time, they will have some special programs such as The Theater, Village Hall, Bandstand and Great Oak Stage. This music festival held in the first week of July and you can attend this fancy event in Hyde Park, London.

A background of British Summer Time

#5 – Glastonbury

Glastonbury sold the tickets very fast and quickly. The first time you hear this music festival, you do not know the reason why the tickets are so hot with attendees. However, when you discover more about this music festival, you will get the answer. Not only music stage in this big event, there are several activities that the attendees can join. You can take part in some stages such as the comedy, the circus, the cabaret, the debate, the poetry, etc. On the other hand, you can join in decorating the tents, the kid’s playground, etc. On the other hand, you can enjoy some famous singers such as Adele, Muse, Coldplay, Disclosure, etc. Your family and you will fall in love in this big event. Glastonbury held in Worthy Farm, Somerset and this event will be began in the third week of June.

Do you want to take part in Glastonbury?

#6 – Blissfields

If you like enjoying dance music, you will prefer to come the Blissfields. Because the main program of this music festival is several dance music. There are many stages you can take part in: Shy FX, Norman Jay MBE, Dizzee Rascal, Everything Everything, etc. On the other hand, other attendees totally participate in Blissfields such as live music, making jewellery, crafting pottery and tie-dying stalls, etc. Therefore, if you like creating something, you could join in this event. Blissfields held in Vicarage Farm, Winchester. This event will kick off in the first week of July, and it takes two days for celebrating. Do not miss it when you want to create something new in art performance and entertaining your hobbies.

Patrick Wolf performs at the Blissfields Music Festival

# 7 – Latitude

When you choose to attend the Latitude, you will be surprised the program that you are landing. You can enjoy the music, meeting new friends and you can join in some special workshops. What are they? There are various workshops you can choose: Yoga, Basic Herbal Medicine, Chi Gong – Dickon, Beauty in the Woods – including Honey Face Masks, etc. Therefore, if you are a healthy caring person, you will consider and choose this event immediately. However, you should find out the time of celebrating and the schedule of this event, as well as your budget. Latitude held in the second week of July and it started Southwold, Suffolk. It takes three days to celebrate.

A singer (Sir Bob Geldof) is performing in the stage of Latitude

Your journey will be more amazing if you can discover one of the seven greatest music festival in Britain. However, you should estimate your budget, check the time to book, how to travel to this music festival, etc. After that, you should make plan carefully before starting your journey.



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