In the USA, there are ten biggest states, and California is one of the largest in this top ten. On the one hand, the GDP of this state has increase rapidly in the USA. Therefore, California is one of the most state of USA that celebrating several music festivals the audiences can take part in. How many festivals can you attend? The answer will be rely on your time, your budget, your targets, etc. In this article, you will noted some information about eight best music festivals in California.

# 1 – Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Coachella is the most popular festival that the domestic residents know and attend. On the other hand, Coachella is the biggest music festival in California. If you want to participate this music festival, you should take into account your budget because of the ticket price. It is so expensive for those who attend this music festival. However, when you come this event, you realize the reason why it is so expensive. In Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, you can camping, meet the other artists to have some talk with them, and enjoying the music with beer or alcohol. This will be a great experience for your family and you at weekend. This event will be held on April in the next year (2017) in Indio.

The audiences are so interesting in the music festival

# 2 – Dirtybird Campout 

In the Dirtybird Campout, the audiences have not only listen to the music, they totally can enjoy food, many kind of beverages, etc. After that, they can camping, playing some sport games such as footfall, boat races, tug – of – war, etc. Moreover, they can attend some amazing shows such as stand – up comedy, arts and crafts, etc. It is very fantastic for those who attend this event. When you take part in this event, you have an opportunity to join in some other outdoor activities, enjoying music, and meeting new friends at the same time. You can do some exercises and keeping your healthy through these activities. So, do not miss out this event in the upcoming time. This event held in the first week or the second week of October in Silverado.

Meet new friends in the music festival

# 3 – Lightning in Bottle

Do you like dancing? Do you like yoga and listening the music at the same time? Lightning in Bottle is your option in the next destination. In this event, you can combine several things to do: You can listen to the music and do yoga, you can dance with amazing music, you can enjoy great electronic music, food and drinking. You can also camping at beautiful scenery (Bradley) in this event. Furthermore, you can meet new friends, and have some talk with artists (or the speakers) about dancing. This event held in the second week or the third week of May.

A background of the Lightning in Bottle

# 4 – Beyond Wonderland

Do you know the place is the birthplace of the rave culture in the USA? It is Southern California. Southern California is the largest and best place of Insomniac Events in USA. Beyond Wonderland is one of their main events in the year. The audiences never forget the experience they have in Beyond Wonderland. At Insomniac as well as Beyond Wonderland, you will find some hottest artists of dance music. When you attend this music festival, you will have to make up some difficult decisions which stage to attend. Because Beyond Wonderland has about four different stages.  This event will be held in the second week or the third week of March. You will attend the Beyond Wonderland in San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds.

A background of the stage in Beyond Wonderland

# 5 – Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland is another big music festival you need to search and consider the attendance. It is also the best rave of Insomniac Event in South California. At Nocturnal Wonderland, you will find some most popular artists of electronic music and pop music. On the other hand, the organizers welcome all the guests and creating the environment that the disabilities feel comfortable, and they could participate in the event. At the event place, we have accessible parking, restrooms and other amenities that the disabilities can use these facilities easily. This event will held in San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds. It will take three days in the first week in September (2017).

Do you want to attend Nocturnal Wonderland – An Insomniac Event?

#6 – Wanderlust Festival

If you do not have an idea for celebrating weekend, this event will be your option for your family and you. At Wanderlust Festival, you can have various experience from self – exploration, daily yoga sessions, guided adventures, to enjoy local food and live music, etc. This music festival will held in the fourth week of July (2017) in North Lake Tahoe, and you will enjoy three days with family and other friends. Do not miss out this fantastic event!

The audience do Yoga and listening to the music at the same time

#7 – Northern Night

Northern Night held in deep swimming holes and it has plenty of space for celebrating. It is safe and unique music festival for the visitors from the newcomers and seasoned campers. You also go camping at night in Northern Night. When you join in this music festival, you will have full of Californian experience. Booking this ticket is your right decision at holiday or weekend. You will attend this music festival in Cook Valley, and it will started in the second week or the third week of July. Please check the time before booking tickets.

Do you want to attend the Northern Night?

# 8 – High Sierra Music Festival

This music festival is one of the oldest festival in California, and it held annually in the summer time. If you are planning for the upcoming summer, you will not miss this music festival for your family in your note. The audiences can enjoy fire performers, movement classes, parades, pop music, silent discos, etc. This High Sierra Music Festival started in Quincy and you can attend from the fourth week of June to the first week of July. It takes about three or four days to attend.

The audiences are so exciting about High Sierra Music Festival

The Californians have several music festivals to attend and relaxing. And if you do not live in California State, you totally book the tickets for your family and you by online. It is essential to estimate the budget, check the time of the event, read the information, check the weather, etc. before booking tickets.



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