If you love music and you want to meet someone to share the hobby with them, music festivals will be a great option for you. In the 21st century, you can find out the information about the music festivals around the world easily. Before deciding book a ticket, you should recognize the information carefully such as: what the music festival is, where will it hold, how to come to that place, etc. When you can catch the information about the music festivals you want to join, you smoothly make a plan to attend the event. In this article, you will find out more benefits of joining a music festival. On the one hand, you will be more exciting when joining music festivals.

#1 – Improve the well-being for listeners and musicians

The audiences – when you are listening to a music, your mind health give you a big thank because of these positive points:

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety: while you are listening to a music, your mind will reduce bad hormone (it called cortisol) level. Cortisol cause our chronic stress and our illness. You will be more concerned if you have many cortisol in your body.
  • Feel happily: when you listen to a music (especially your favorite music), your brain will increase dopamine – a good natural chemical in brain. If you have a huge amount of dopamine, you will not feel pessimistically. You think that life is quite tough, but you totally can handle these difficult things.
  • Easily sleep at night: If you have a positive mind, you will not depress. Thanks to listening to the music, your mind will better and reducing negative thinking. Hence, you will go to bed easily without full of thought.
  • A kind of therapy in medical: You believe it or not, listening to music have also a kind of psychology therapy for patients. Patients are so scared and concerned about their medical records, especially when they have a cancer. Music transfer a positive signal to your brain to make your brain reduce the pain, or it hits you feel that you do not have any pain.
  • Improve your memory ability: when you listen more music, your brain will acknowledge to remember details. Therefore, Alzheimer’s patients can use this therapy to improve their memories.

The musicians – when you are playing several notes in a music, like other audiences, your body will give a big thank. On the other hand, you totally can live your passion. Hence, you feel happily with your lives, and you are a full energy artist.

You will be happier when joining a music festival

#2 – Build relationship with others in the music festivals

It is so amazing when you meet new friends and they also have the same hobby to you – music. Both of you can study and research new things. If you can play a guitar, you could guide your new friends how to play it well. And your friends guide you how to dance, for example. You can increase your network in the upcoming time. On the other hand, you can build the relationship with foreigners, and improve your communication in the community when you take part in other countries.

Meet new friends in the music festival

#3 – Increase the community pride

Another positive thing about being involved with music festival as well as events is we can build a strong community, increase a sense of pride through the community. Residents are living in a community – they want to introduce their community pride to other people. On the other hand, they totally volunteer to join and organize a event like music festival in order to display their hometown. Therefore, when you attend a music festival, you do not only enjoy these fantastic things in that music festival, you also discover the culture, and their ethnic heritage of domestic people in that music festival.  You will study real lessons in a music festival through practicing and communicating.

Fostering the community pride

#4 – Develop the economy

Festivals as well as music festivals will attract visitors. And visitors have to spend their money to book tickets, to travel, etc. It means that visitors have to pay these prices in the music festival, and the local economy will increased. On the other hand, the tourists could also attend these music festivals. Therefore, the local economy will boosted quickly. Celebrating a music festival could be a brilliant method to boost the economy. As an organizer or an economist, you will be interested in this approach to grow the profit or the economy. Visitors and the tourists do not pay much attention the profit from a music event. They care more about how many bands will play, how that music festival will attract them, the time to hold, etc.

Many visitors join in a music festival

#5 – A kind of media tool for advertising, PR and marketing

Some corporations which have a strong financial will sponsor these music festivals as well as other events. They want to polish their brands to other people, especially foreigners. They put bill boards, banners and other media press releases to visitors and tourists in the music festival. On the other hand, some small business also have many opportunities to introduce their names to customers through sales kits, brochures, etc. Even though marketers use traditional tool (free of charge) to introduce the enterprise by having small talk or something like that. Moreover, the marketer can also gain some market research information from the visitors. This approach will help them to make a campaign or a new marketing plan in the upcoming time.

Many sponsorship advertising appear in a music festival

Not only the visitors will gain benefits, but also other people such as the organizers, the marketers, the enterprises achieve those own benefits. However, before joining a music festival, as you are a visitor or others, you should take into account positive things to gain that music festival. Furthermore, you should guess some negative things will have in the music festival. It means that you should think of the risky in the music festival. It is not easy to consider several things before joining a music festival, but it will a precious experience for you to check and decide carefully.



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