Going to a festival concert is probably the best way to enjoy the music atmosphere and celebrate with your friends on a hot summer day. However, some of us don’t even have any chance to go out of town for any kinds of fun out there. That’s the reason why bringing a whole concert to the household is the best alternation.

You might think it is quite impossible since there isn’t any way to do such thing. But there is! With the help of modern technologies, music devices enable us to create a perfect in – house theater so as to experience the best of music. In this post, I will introduce some remarkable music player devices as well as how to build your own Hi – Fi system. However this might requires you to buy the best vinyl record player and some high – end sound devices, so you should have a large amount of cash.

Vinyl record player

  1. Choosing Vinyl Record Player

When talking about music player, many people will think of some hi – tech devices with multiple functions and play digital music files. It is considerable since we are living in the world of new technology and modern devices. However, a true music lover will never resist the attraction of a high-quality record player. The number never tell lies, in 2016 the number of vinyl record sold has increased significantly. That means people are now more and more interested in using this type of device. So what is the feature that makes record player special comparing to today’s music player devices like iPod or smartphones?

The answer is about the function and operation of the record player. Basically, when a sound is converted to digital format, there would be a loss in sound information according to the quality and the size of the file. On the other hand, when using vinyl records, the sound is guaranteed to be exactly as good as the moment it is recorded. It is also the reason why even DJs use vinyl record in producing tracks and live performances. So if you want to search for a real music player device, a record player or a turntable is the best one at the moment.

With the development of technology, it would be no surprise that the record player had so many differences. On market, there are countless types and styles of this device and it is so difficult to actually find a really decent one out of this mess. Therefore in the next article, I will show you how to choose the best vinyl record player and how to narrow the options by some small tips and tricks. Now please back to our main problem: How to set up a Hi – Fi system in your own house?

Hi-Fi system

  1. Setting Up Hi – Fi System

So you are in need of a sound system that can blow your mind with high-quality sounds? Do you want to bring the whole concert into your room? Have you bought a good vinyl record player? Then it is time to know more about hi – fi system components and actually builds one for your own good. Things will keep better and better as soon as you pay for the first Hi – Fi system of your life. Trust me, it would never be easy but it would be very exciting and addictive to play with sound devices and enjoy your own efforts.

  • Loudspeaker:

This is considered the most important part of your system. If you want a brief explanation, you can find anywhere on the Internet or ask any sound device expert. On a whole, the loudspeaker is the most critical part since it translates the sound signals to something that we can hear. That’s the reason why you have to invest most of your budget in this component. However, if you don’t know how to balance your money and combine a pair of high – end speakers with other components with poor quality, it would be such a disaster and very disappointing.

So the best solution is putting your money on a decent one and use the remaining amount to do something with the others. It can make sure that the combination would be fine even though you don’t have too much money to spend.

  • Power Amplifier

It is quite easy to know whether a product is good or not according to some criteria like noises, hum, distortion… you have to make a double check to be sure that everything is fine for the first run as well as for the 100th run. Don’t underestimate small problems with the switches or the connection since it might affect the output of the music as well.

Bring the concert to your room

Make sure that both sides Left and Right of the amplifier can produce sounds equally. You should check for the input circuit as well since some products have to use more electricity than others.

  • Pre-Amplifier

This part is quite similar to the power amplifier, so you should have some checks on the functions, input and output quality as well as common problems like noises or hum.

  • Connection

Many beginners think that this part is not crucial, but the cable is actually quite important because the signals have to pass through them to transmit to all the components. The cables should be in high quality and placed in order so as to control easily. You should also take care of some common problems such as the input and output source and the signal and main cables. Also, you should choose the right type of plug not only to connect the components of your system but also have a good connection with other music player devices such as the smartphone, PC, laptop or record player.

In general, building a good Hi – fi system is not difficult since there are just a few components and the quality of brands are quite similar. However, if you really want to be an expert in this field, it might take a lot more than just some adequate sounding devices.



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