Travelling is one of the best therapy for everyone, especially when they get stuff in their lives. Moreover, when you could take part in some music festivals in South Asia, your journey will be more fantastic. There are many music festivals that celebrated in this area: Quest Music Festival (Ba Vi, Vietnam), Neverland Manila (Manila, Philippines), Zoukout Music Festival (Singapore), Road to Ultra (Bangkok and Bali), Maya Music Festival (Thailand), Big Mountain Music Festival (Khao Yai), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia). In this article, you will find out some music festivals in South Asia, and fulfill the plan for your upcoming time as following.

Make A Plan to Join The Interesting Music Festivals

#1 – Quest Music Festival

Quest Music Festival is a Hanoi’s weekend music. In this festival, you also find the arts and camping at the same time. This festival is performed in the first or the second week of November, and it takes three days to enjoy. It celebrated far away of Ba Vi National Park, Vietnam. Why is Quest celebrated in this location? Because a festival needed a great atmosphere with relaxing space for the participants, and this location meted these needs. You can enjoy live music with professional DJ, street performance, workshops, installation art, and observe the nature in this festival. If you want to enjoy the international music, you will get an opportunity to do this passion in Quest. On the one hand, you could join some team activities, watch the cinemas and meeting some new friends. Quest Music Festival will be one of unforgettable experience in your journey.

The audiences in the Quest

#2 – Neverland Manila

Neverland celebrated in Manila, Philippines; and it is performed in the first couple week of October. Philippines is one of the most popular country which having talented singers. Therefore, it is not surprised that they have several shows. Neverland festival is called the biggest EDM event in The Philippines. In this festival, you will have a chance to find about 17 the greatest DJs in the world because of their performance. Moreover, you can enjoy the bar tours, or the campus tour. If you want a solid party to join, this festival will be your next destination. This festival is held annually.

A DJ is playing the music in the Neverland

#3 – Zoukout Music Festival

Zoukout Music Festival performed in the second or the third week of December. The participants will enjoy the Zoukout in Singapore. Zoukout festival is called Zouk by some well – known clubs and people in Asia. Therefore, the Zoukout is one of the most popular music festivals in South East Asia. The biggest thing you should know is the ticket price, the accommodations and the drinks are quite expensive. However, there are many talented singers as well as talented artists (such as Rac, DJ Yaksa, Andrew Tang, etc.), professional stage production and a perfect atmosphere. As result, this is the reason why the prices are not low in the Zoukout, and the participants are satisfied to pay this rate.

The audiences is standing in the Zoukout

#4 – Road To Ultra

Road to Ultra celebrated in many places in the world such as Miami, Croatia, Japan, South Africa, Japan, etc. In South East Asia, this festival is celebrated in Bangkok and Bali. If you can join this festival in June, you will go to Bangkok. And if you can arrange the time to participate in September, you will visit to Bali. Most of people agree these two cities are extremely good at night. In this festival, there are several stage (approximately 8 stages) that you choose and participate the event you want. If you are going to make a trip to two these cities, you will make a decision to join these global parties.

The background of Road to Ultra in Thailand in 2015

#5 – Maya Music Festival

Whether you are making plan to Thailand on March, do not miss Maya Music Festival. This music festival performed in the first or second week of March. To join this music festival, you will not only enjoy the modern music, but also discover the tradition art of Thailand. This music festival had already celebrated in Pattaya beach on February. There were two stages in this event. The first stage performed by Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Don Diablo, AN21, DBSTF, Vicetone. And the second stage performed by Thailand’s most popular artists and bands such as Potato, Da Endorphine, Bis Ass, etc. This was a live stage.

The DJ was playing the music in the Maya Music Festival in Pattaya

#6 – Big Mountain Music Festival

If you are planning the journey in December to Thailand, you will discover the Big Mountain Music Festival. This music festival held in Khao Yai – this is one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Thailand that the tourists also want to visit (at least one time). It takes three hours to drive from Bangkok. Khao Yai also have the National Park. Therefore, you can combine visit this place and take part in the music festival. The Big Mountain Music Festival takes two performance days with some great stages, various live acts and fabulous atmosphere. Because we will not know the exact day of celebrate in the upcoming time, we can check their Facebook page to take the day before visiting.

The background of the Big Mountain Music Festival

#7 – Rainforest World Music Festival

When you hear the name of this music festival (Rainforest World Music Festival), you totally guess some small information about this festival. This festival celebrated in the second or the third week of August, and this time is still available for summer vacation. Where was this festival performed? It was performed in Borneo – a giant and beautiful island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago. This would be a great experience to come here because the performance. You can enjoy the music by domestic musicians and discover the features of Borneo. On the other hand, you can enjoy the local beverages, and find some amazing souvenirs by the artists. Furthermore, you discover the culture of people live in the island as well as Thailand.

A huge number of audiences join Rainforest World Music Festival
It is such fabulous journey if you can combine many things to travel and enjoy its. Before travelling to some places, you should find out many things carefully such as the weather, the culture, the food, the time of playing domestic festival, etc.



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