When the music festival season begins, you might be considering which ones to attend. If you are planning to travel to Canada, you will enjoy the diverse of music culture and beautiful sightseeing of this country. You can totally relish several types of music from folk, rock to hip hop and EDM. Now, it is your turn to consider and come to the music festival.

Canadian Music Week

At Canadian Music Week, you will discover some most popular names of Canadian such as Big Black Delta, Bob Mould, Boulevards, Busty and the Bass, Black Lips, etc. It takes over ten nights of performances in Toronto with over 60 live music shows. On the one hand, the attendees can join in some other shows such as comedy festivals, films, interactive and other informative conferences. Canadian Music Week is a huge event and it held in the first week of May. Therefore, if you are planning to come to Toronto in the next summer, you should check out the information of this music festival as soon as possible.

A guitarist is playing in the stage

CBC Music Festival

If you are going to come to Canadian Music Week in the next summer, you could consider another opportunity to attend CBC Music Festival. It held in the fourth week of May in Echo Beach, Toronto. In this music festival, you will meet some hottest artists of Canadian such as Serena Ryder, Kaytranada, Tanya Tagaq, (violinist) Edwin Huizinga, Leonard Cohen, etc.  CBC Music Festival is a fantastic event for your family and you at weekend. Attendees can come and enjoy solid music shows in this big music festival.

A background of CBC Music Festival

Field Trip

At Field Trip, attendees enjoy the music show and other art programs such as photography, comedy, fashion, food and beverage, etc. In this event, you will get an opportunity to meet local designers and other artisans.  It held in Historic Fort & Garrison Common (downtown in Toronto). Field Trip started in the first week of June and it takes two full of days to joining in. In this event, the attendees are diverse. Your family, your children and your friends can take part in Field Trip. Because there are various activities for everyone.  Children under 12 years old and under, the parents do not have to pay the ticket for them. On the other hand, you do not worry about the parking lot because they have a parking in Canadian Exhibition Grounds within close walking to Fort York. However, they do not have RV parking or camping.

A line – up of Field Trip in 2015

Ottawa Bluefest

Ottawa Bluefesst is a diverse music festival for everyone to come and attend. When you come to this music festival, you can enjoy several kinds of music from blues to rock, jazz, funk, soul, rap, folk to urban and alternative. This music festival attracts the local, regional, national and international talented artists to perform in ten days in the City of Ottawa. Moreover, the visitors do not worry about the hotels because of many hotels from outside of the downtown. It held in the first week of July.

A band is playing in the stage of Ottawa Bluefest

Boots and Hearts

If you love the country music, you could not miss the Boots and Hearts. The first time it held in the Canadian Tire Motosport Park (in Bowmanville) since 2012. Today, it held in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. This music festival is the largest country music and camping in Canada. In Boots and Hearts, you can find over 35 artists and bands to perform with different country music styles. Even though you do not usually enjoy the country music, you could like this one after attending this music festival in the upcoming time. It held in the first week of August and the visitors can take part in three days. In 2017, two famous artists will do – that is Luke Bryan ad Keith Urban. So, do not miss this event.

The audiences are so exciting to come to Boots and Hearts

Pop Montreal

Do you like listening to pop music? If you are one of pop music fan, you could consider to attend the Pop Montreal. In this music festival, you could not enjoy the pop music with over 400 artists, you totally join in some other art activities such as visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, symposiums, film screenings, etc. This is the reason why Pop Montreal also attracts a huge number of visitors (over 50, 000 people). It held in Montreal, Québec and it takes five days to get fun. And the schedule for the next performing is on September (the second week of September).

Do you want to take part in Pop Montreal?

Rifflandia Festival

There are three main programs in Rifflandia Music Festival – The Philips Backyard Weekender, The Rock Shores and Rifflandia. It relies on your timetable to arrange and attending the event in the summer. Because The Philips Backyard Weekender held in the first week of July, The Rock Shores held between 21 and 23 in July, and Rifflandia started from 14 to 17 in July. Rifflandia Music Festival is a multi – venue festival and this is an indie music festival with over 20 venues to play. If you can arrange your schedule quickly, you can book the ticket at lower price for the early booking.

The audiences are coming to Rifflandia Music Festival

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is an indie, pop and rock music festival that celebrating in Borden Park, Edmonton, Alberta. In this music festival, you can get an opportunity to discover the Edmonton culture through joining Sonic Boom. On the other hand, you can find out local food and go shopping in this event. It takes two days to explore those amazing things. It held in the first week of September. If you are liking pop, indie and rock music, you can take into account to join in this music festival.

A background line – up of Sonic Boom

Calgary Folk Fest

The Calgary Folk Fest aims to attendees are liking the folk music. In this folk music festival, there are many independent artists around the world perform such as Korean, New Zealand, Australian, American, Korean, Canadian, etc. You will land this event at Prince’s Island Park. There are 11 stages to enjoy at Calgary Folk Fest and it appeals over 50,000 visitors to take part in. The Calgary Folk Fest has over 30 years old on celebrating. It held in the third week of July.

The audiences are paying attention to the line – up

Travelling to Canada with several beautiful landscape and attending one of the most favorite music are a great experience for your family and you. You will discover many fabulous things in the music festival, from meeting new friends and the artists to participating other art activities in the line – ups.



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